Energy, detox and refreshments

Located within our space dedicated to wellness, the Spa Bar offers you a unique experience of revitalization and regeneration.

Here you will be greeted by an ambiance full of tranquility and balance, where the elegant and refined decor creates an oasis of relaxation, and the impeccable service perfectly complements the atmosphere of sophistication and well-being.

Our menu combines flavor with health, offering you a selection of refreshing and energizing drinks. From fresh smoothies and fruit infusions to flavored teas and tonic drinks, every sip becomes a moment of purification and relaxation for the body and mind.

The Spa Bar is the ideal place to complete your wellness experience, whether you're enjoying an invigorating massage session or a relaxing day in our spa area.


Luni – Duminică 10.00 – 22.00


Bar style: À la carte
Cod Vestimentar: Costum de baie
Meniu bautura : International
Capacitate: 20 locuri (in interior) & 10 locuri (pe terasa)
Smoking: No